The Shells

  • "...comically creepy..." -The Art of Monteque

It's A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

  • "But the real star may be the man of 1,000 voices Nick Fondulis. Fondulis takes on the roles of Clarence, the apprentice angel, Bert the cop, Mr. Martini, and Uncle Billy Bailey, among others. He imbues each of these men with a distinct voice and character." -Times Ledger
  • "...comically played by Nick Fondulis..." -Queens Chronicle

The Madwoman of Chaillot

  • "Fondulis supplies us with an excellent mixture of mustache twirling villainy while keeping things real enough to make us think of every bank president across the country today."

The Boy in the Basement

  • "Only in the rapturous narration delivered by the romance novelist (Nick Fondulis) does the humor sparkle." -New York Post
  • "Nick Fondulis shows great range...Fondulis, with excellent timing and vocal variety, is alternately pensive, suggestive, energized, and physically passionate."
  • "Narrator Nick Fondulis knows just how to set the mood."-Backstage
  • "The high point of the show is the lingering kiss between Anna (the virgin) and Lance (the hunk) which seemingly goes on forever while the author describes it in every way possible. It is an aria - delivered to perfection by Nick Fondulis." -Talk
  • "Nick Fondulis is hilarious." -Connecticut Post
  • "Nick Fondulis toyed with our more prosaic expectations." -Cafeteria Rusticana

Edward II

  • "Mr. Fondulis, as Gaveston, also manages to make his somewhat spoiled character an enthusiastic delight, an ardent lover nearly worth destroying a country for."

  • "Nick Fondulis gives a commanding performance as Gaveston...his comfort with and command of classical language is strong enough to advocate for him to become a permanent fixture of productions of the Elizabethan repertoire...turning in one of the most utterly watchable performances available in New York at the moment."- New Theater Corps

Picasso at the Lapin Agile

  • "The second explosion belongs to Nick Fondulis’ entrance as a third, contemporary genius. Mr. Fondulis makes of the character a gem of bright and effulgent energy. " -The Southampton Press

  • "Picasso at the Lapin Agile explores not only the changes of the 20th century but provides social commentary on the new millennium, punctuated by the arrival of a 'visitor' from the future played with hip-shaking perfection by Nick Fondulis." -The Independent, NY
  • "Nick Fondulis brilliantly parodies this real-life character." -Dan's Papers, NY

The Hamlet Plays: The Match

  • "I enjoyed figuring out the connection to Shakespeare and the surprise ending. The actors Derek Peith and Nick Fondulis make it easier to enjoy the surprise with their quick transitions."


  • "The star of the show was Nick Fondulis...Fondulis danced, tripped and bounced around the stage...The only props he used, aside from his own silliness and animated expressions, were large, brightly colored number cards." -The News-Times, CT

The Dinner Party

  • "Her ex-husband Andre, played by Nick Fondulis, is as composed as she is frantic. Their relationship captivates its bitterness and the remnants of love it tries to hide...The lines are delivered with perfect timing and impressive performance that could persuade even the most adamant disbeliever in love." -The Daily Orange, NY